Property Management Startup

Starting a property management division is never easy and requires some planning.

Seeking ROI offers help in several aspects.  We provide very affordable fast and conversion focused websites, marketing blueprint geared towards property managers including SEO (search engine optimization), help with Facebook ads etc. 

Once you have marketing presence, we provide office automation. Whether you use InfusionSoft, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, we can design fully automatic campaigns and follow up sequences that would increase your productivity and allow for faster market growth.

If you are looking for simple property management forms, contracts, management agreement, notices one place that we strongly recommend  is Heist Weiss & Wolk. Their forms can be found here.  They are Florida based however some of the forms can be adopted to be used in other states.

There are several forms offering property management software that will let you do background screening, ACH deposits etc. Our favorite is AppFolio.

We advise you to get your own copy of your local federal housing laws and your local landlord tenant laws.

Need some additional help? please free to contact us.